• Angel and the Badman -1947


Angel and the Badman is a 1947 black and white Western film, starring John Wayne and Gail Russell, which examines the ability of a shootist to renounce violence. This film, which was the first one Wayne produced as well as starred in, was a radical departure for this genre at the time it was released. The film was directed by Wayne's frequent screenwriter James Edward Grant.


John Wayne - Quirt Evans
Gail Russell - Penelope Worth
Harry Carey - McClintock
Bruce Cabot - Laredo Stevens
Irene Rich - Mrs. Worth
Lee Dixon - Randy McCall
Stephen Grant - Johnny Worth
Tom Powers - Dr. Mangram
Paul Hurst - Frederick Carson
Olin Howland - Bradley (billed as Olin Howlin)
John Halloran - Thomas Worth
Joan Barton - Lila Neal
Craig Woods - Ward Withers
Marshall Reed - Nelson
Symona Boniface - Dance Hall Madam (uncredited)