• Tombstone Canyon - 1932


Filmed in 1932, Tombstone Canyon is a unique and intriguing horror western film starring Ken Maynard as the cowboy “Ken”.  Ken and his horse, Tarzan, make the frightening discovery that a masked killer is traveling through the west and murdering with his piercing, banshee shriek!  Ken soon finds himself in hot water when a notorious gang tries to rough him up.  Out of nowhere, a beautiful woman comes to his rescue and joins him on his journey.  Soon they find themselves connected to the phantom killer in such a way that you will need to see it to believe it!  A golden gem from the 1930s, this western is a unique look at the horror subgenre.  Although tame by today’s standards, this film delivers some chilling moments and intriguing plot twists!

Ken Maynard
Cecilia Parker
Sheldon Lewis