• Sundowners, The - 1950


The Sundowners, starring Robert Preston, Robert Sterling, and John Drew Barrymore, is a western film released in 1950 portraying three brothers in a feud with neighboring ranchers.  The film details the conflict with the ranchers as well as the conflict between the Cloud brothers on how to handle the situation.  The film explores one brother’s fight for what he believes in and the unscrupulous means in which he uses to get his way.  Unfortunately, his actions end up influencing the youngest brother.  The third brother sees how the youngest is turning out and intervenes by trying to stop the other brother.  The film tends to be less reliant on action than other traditional westerns, but makes up for it in many ways including well written dialog and superb delivery.  The film was shot on location in Texas, and the scenery certainly adds to the likeability of the film. 


Robert Preston
Robert Sterling
Chill Wills
Cathy Downs
John Litel
Jack Elam