• Song Of Old Wyoming - 1946


Ma Conway, an outspoken cattle ranch owner who is hell bent on Wyoming joining the Union, is saved from harm by the outlaw known as the Cheyenne Kid.  Ma offers Cheyenne a job on the ranch but turns it down.  After visiting town, the Cheyenne Kid changes his mind; however, Ma's cowhand suspects trouble is afoot!

Eddie Dean - Eddie
Sarah Padden - Kate 'Ma' Conway
Ian Keith - Lee Landow
Lash La Rue - Cheyenne Kid
Jennifer Holt - Vicky Conway, adopted
Emmett Lynn - Uncle Ezra
Robert Barron - Jesse Dixon
Gene Alsace - Henchman Ringo
Don Williams - Cowhand Slim - Musician
Johnny Carpenter - Cowhand Buck
Horace Murphy - Editor Timothy Meeks

[cast list from wikipedia]