• Outlaw, The - 1943


Controversial in its time, The Outlaw was released in 1943 and focuses largely on a love triangle between Billy the kid, Doc Holliday, and a woman named Rio.  Doc Holliday arrives in the town of Lincoln while trailing his stolen horse, Red, and meets up with his old friend Pat Garret.  Red was stolen however by none other than Billy the Kid.  Doc ends up befriending Billy who is the nemesis of Pat and the conflict truly starts here.  While wounded in a fight with Pat, Billy is looked after by Rio, Doc’s girl, who falls for Billy.  The film took a long time to receive a wide release due to controversy surrounding the showcasing of actress Jane Russell’s breasts in both the film and promotional artwork.  The film would turn Russell into a national sex symbol, but only after some of the film was trimmed in order to pass regulation by the Hollywood Production Code Administration.  


Jack Buetel
Jane Russell
Walter Huston
Thomas Mitchell