• My Pal Trigger - 1946


My Pal Trigger is a 1946 musical set in the American Wild West and stars Roy Rogers with his famous horse, Trigger.  This film gives the back story of Trigger and is the first Roy Rogers film to feature the horse.  The film begins with Rogers, a local horse salesman, looking for a mate for his mare.  After finding a suitable stallion and the two horses successfully mating, the stallion is accidentally killed by his owner and Rogers is blamed for the crime!  After fleeing from persecution, Rogers' horse gives birth to a baby colt who is named "Trigger".  Trigger quickly becomes Rogers' favorite horse.  However, the companionship between the two is soon cut short!  Rogers is forced to pay for a crime he didn't commit and the guilty man has gotten his hands on trigger!

Roy Rogers
Dale Evans
Jack Holt
George "Gabby" Hayes
Bob Nolan