• Monster from a Prehistoric Planet (Daikyojū Gappa) - 1967


The year 1967 saw the release of Monster from a Prehistoric Planet, a Japanese giant monster film, about an expedition to a small south Pacific island where the team discovers a prehistoric "bird-lizard".  At the start of the film, a magazine publisher sends a group of people to Obelisk Island to collect wild life for a soon to be opened theme park.  The people on the expedition find a gigantic egg.  The egg hatches and releases a large baby creature that looks like a mix between a lizard and a bird.  The baby is brought back to Japan, however much to the dismay of the expedition team, the baby's recently awakened parents soon follow and begin destroying major cities!   The film was originally supposed to be a satire of other Japanese giant monster films, but a lot of the humor was lost in translation when it was brought overseas.  The film is very amusing, especially the monsters that look like Godzilla with a pair of wings and a beak.  These creatures are enough to make anyone chuckle. 


Tamio Kawaji
Yôko Yamamoto
Yuji Okada