• Prisoners of the Lost Universe


Prisoners of the Lost Universe is a low budget 1983 film set in a parallel universe.  Three people are transported to another world when an earthquake occurs just as the scientist is experimenting with his "matter" transmitter. The trio must escape the strange world of Vonya while dealing with a number of villains.  The film has been described as 'incompetent filmmaking in the worst way.


Richard Hatch – Dan
Kay Lenz - Carrie
John Saxon - Kleel
Peter O’Farrell - Malachi
Ray Charleson - The Greenman
Kenneth Hendel - Dr Hartmann
Philip Van der Byl - The Manbeast
Dawn Abraham - Shareen
Ron Smerczac - Head Trader
Charles Comyn - Treet
Ian Steadman - 1st Prisoner
Bill Flynn - 2nd Prisoner
Danie Voges - Giant Nabu
Myles Robertson - Waterbeast