• Metropolis - 1927


Metropolis is a classic German silent film about the future where the working class live harsh and dismal lives and the wealthy citizens live a happy and care free existence.  When the son of a wealthy city planner falls in love with a woman of the working class, the harsh reality of the womans life makes him realize that things have to change.  One of the best silent films in existence, this story is touching and frightening at the same time.  The visuals are amazing and the score accents the film perfectly!  The version linked to on this website is a non-restored, public domain version.  In the past few years, a full version of the film was found in a private collection and was remastered.  The remastered version is amazing!  It is a highly recommended purchase if you like this film.  Follow this link to the official Kino restoration site.  After watching the public domain version, you will be shocked by the quality of the office release!


Alfred Abel
Brigitte Helm
Gustav Fröhlich
Rudolf Klein-Rogge