• Gammera the Invincible (Gamera) - 1965


Gammera: The Invincible (Gamera in Japan) is a Japanese giant monster film from 1965.  This film was produced by the Daiei Motion Picture Company who aimed to cash in on the success of the Godzilla movie franchise.  This would be the first in a series of films about the giant turtle.  A Japanese expedition into the arctic witnesses an aerial fight between Soviet and American fighter planes in which the Americans shoot down the soviets.  The plane that was shot down happened to be carrying a nuclear bomb, which detonates and wakes the giant turtle from its frozen slumber.  Gamera is seen flying around and heads to Japan where it subsequently wreaks havoc!  The film bears a large resemblance to the original Godzilla film in many ways including the monsters indestructibility.  The film is full of buildings being smashed to bits and battles between the turtle and the military.  The battles seem kind of silly but this is what makes the film fun to watch.  If you have got some free time and don't know what to do with yourself, think about spending it watching this classic Japanese monster film!

Eiji Funakoshi
Junichirô Yamashita
Harumi Kiritachi