• Evil Brain from Outer Space - 1964


Evil Brain from Outer Space was released in 1964 and is actually a combination of three shorter films from the Japanese series Super Giant. Originally released in Japan, these short films were edited and made into one feature film for the US market.  The film is not really a Japanese giant monster film but more of a super hero film that would be an influence on future Japanese super hero films and TV shows such as Ultraman.  The film opens with a council meeting on the emerald planet in which they decide they must send their hero, Starman, to stop a plot by the brain of Balazar, an evil creature from the planet Zemar.  Balazar's work is being done by his followers on Earth.  Despite the somewhat jumbled plot, the film is actually incredibly amusing due to a fair amount of action as well as ridiculous and often laughable costumes.


Ken Utsui
Minoru Takada
Junko Ikeuchi