• End of the World - 1977


Professor Andrew Boran (Kirk Scott), a research scientist, begins receiving strange messages from outer space.  Using a computer, he is able to deceiver one of the messages which reads “LARGE EARTH DISRUPTION”. While driving, he and his wife hear about a deadly earthquake which occurred after Andrew had received the cryptic message.  After more messages and natural disasters occur, Andrew starts to believe there is a connection.  Andrew and his wife leave their home and drive to various locations to further investigate these signals.  After arriving at a church, they meet Father Pergado (Christopher Lee)  and his nuns.  Before they know it, Andrew and his wife discover that things are not as they seem.  Andrew and Sylvia must survive against a force they barely understand.  As things become more strange and more dangerous, Andrew and Sylvia must fight to stop the end of the world!
Christopher Lee
Sue Lyon