• Destroy All Planets (Gamera vs. Viras) - 1968


Destroy All Planets was released in 1968 and is the fourth film to star Gamera, the giant turtle.  The film starts off with Gamera fighting an alien space ship on its way to earth to begin colonizing the planet.  Gamera defeats the ship but more Aliens are signaled to invade with Gamera labeled as their enemy.  The aliens manage to capture Gamera by using a brain wave controlling device.  Although initially Gamera goes on a destructive rampage, he is eventually freed with the aid of two boy scouts.  At this point, the aliens combine themselves to take the form of a giant, squid-like monster named Viras.  After this transformation, an epic battle ensues!   One of the downsides to this Japanese giant monster film is that roughly 15 minutes of the film is stock footage detailing Gamera's previous battles which is shown as aliens probe the giant turtle’s mind.  Despite this, the film is still enjoyable and the ending fight is tense and gripping!  On that note, the film is still recommended for viewers of who have seen previous Gamera films … and to those who haven't as well!


Kojiro Hongo

Toru Takatsuka
Carl Craig Jr.