• Attack of the Monsters (Gamera vs. Guiron) - 1969

Attack of the Monsters (Gamera vs. Guiron) was released in 1969 and is the fifth film about Gamera, the giant turtle.  Unlike the previous Gamera films, a large part of this film does not take place in Japan or even involve monster battles in Japanese cities.  The film revolves around Gamera’s attempt to rescue two boys who are taken to an alien world.  Gamera’s opponent in this film is Guiron, a semi lizard-like monster with a giant blade on its head.   The monster relies on this blade as its primary way of defeating foes.  You will not see tons of people running and screaming from monsters as they trash Japanese cities in this one, but you will still see the monsters demolish the remnants of the once thriving civilization on the planet Terra.


Nobuhiro Kajima
Miyuki Akiyama
Chrystopher Murphy
Yuko Hamada
Eiji Funakoshi
Kon Omura