• Sadist, The - 1963


he Sadist” is a horror film staring Arch Hall Jr. as the psychopathic spree killer, Charles A. Tibbs.  Released in 1963, “The Sadist” tells the story of a group of high school teachers who are held captive by a psychopathic killer and his girlfriend.  The teachers set out on a road trip to see a baseball game in a different state but have car trouble along the way and need to stop on the side of the road.  After diagnosing the broken part and finding a near by junk yard, the trio begin to feel that something is not right.  Soon they are confronted by Charles Tibbs, his girlfriend, and his hand gun.  Brash, unpredictable, and overtly violent, Tibbs makes these three people learn that he now controls their lives, and will be the ultimate judge and jury determining whether they live or die.


Arch Hall, Jr.
Richard Alden
Marilyn Manning
Don Russell
Helen Hovey