• Terror, The - 1963


"The Terror" is a 1963 film directed by
Roger Corman.  Corman was not alone in his directorial duties as he shared this with Francis Ford Coppola, Monte Hellman, Jack Hill, and Jack Nicholson!  The film’s protagonist is Andre Duvalier who is played by a young Jack Nicholson.  Andre is a French soldier who accidentally discovers a secret held by Baron Von Leppe, played by horror heavyweight Boris Karloff.  After losing consciousness in the water, Andre awakens in the home of an old woman who holds the key to the Baron’s secret.  Andre must discover why he is being plagued by the vision of a woman, why the Baron is struggling with thoughts of suicide, and how these all tie in with the old woman who some call a witch!  This is one of the more famous Corman films, not to mention that it was released in beautiful, faded, 60s cinematic color!  Make sure you don’t miss this classic.


Boris Karloff
Jack Nicholson
Sandra Knight
Dick Miller
Jonathan Haze