• Don't Look In The Basement (The Forgotten) - 1973


Don't Look in the Basement (aka The Forgotten) was originally released on the same bill as Wes Craven’s The Last House on the Left in the early 1970s.  The film, though made on a small budget, is capable of providing an entertaining and enjoyable cast of characters, and takes place within a small mental institution environment.  You will be kept guessing as you follow a new nurse on the site and witness her experiences with the patients.  As this style of film was becoming increasingly popular,  the film has a well dispersed offering of primitive gore that is sure to amuse all variety of viewers.  Despite not having a lot to work with, fairly unknown director S.F. Brownrigg is able to create a film that is a suspenseful and interesting representation of the budding gore genre of films. 


Rosie Holotik
Bill McGhee
Gene Ross
Hugh Feagin
Annabelle Weenick
Camilla Carr