• Deep Red - 1975


Directed by the renowned Dario Argento, 1975’s Deep Red is an enthralling murder mystery/horror film, referred to as a “giallo” in Argento’s native Italy.  Protagonist Marcus Daly, a music teacher, witnesses the murder of a psychic in her apartment and is compelled to find the killer.  The film follows him in his search as the body count rises.  As with much of Argento’s work, creative and at times beautiful imagery can be observed throughout the film.  This often intentionally clashes with the brutal, often drawn out violence and dark nature of the film.  These elements along with an often eerie musical score preformed by Italian progressive rock legend “Goblin “(their first in a series of collaborations with Argento), make for an engaging visual and auditory experience.  Though not for the faint at heart, this critically acclaimed film comes with a strong recommendation, as films of this quality don’t come along very often.


David Hemmings
Daria Nicolodi
Gabriele Lavia
Macha Meril
Eros Pagni
Giuliana Calandra
Glauco Mauri
Clara Calamai
Piero Mazzinghi