• horror/thriller films

  • A Bucket of Blood - 1959
    An artist accidentally finds murder to be his ultimate muse  [65min, B&W, UR]
  • Amazing Mr X, The - 1948
    A widow meets a mysterious man who seems to know everything about her  [78min, B&W, UR]
  • Ape, The - 1940
    A circus ape escapes a terrorizes a town  [62 min, B&W, UR]
  • Ape Man, The - 1943
    A mad scientist turns himself into an ape and now desperately seeks a cure  [64min, B&W, UR]
  • Atom Age Vampire - 1963
    A mad scientist must kill women to extract their glands to keep an experiment going   [86min, B&W, UR]
  • Bloodlust! - 1961
    A group of people are trapped on an island where they become the game of a sadistic hunter  [68min, B&W, UR]
  • Bloody Pit of Horror - 1965
    A group of female models become trapped in a castle with a killer  [82min, Color, UR]
  • Bluebeard - 1944
    A serial killer focused on strangling women eludes the police  [71min, B&W, UR]
  • Bowery At Midnight - 1942
    A man runs a soup kitchen as a front for gang recruitment  [62 min, B&W, UR]
  • City of the Dead (Horror Hotel) - 1960
    A virgin female student becomes chosen by a witch who needs her sacrifice to stay alive [62 min, B&W, UR]
  • Corpse Vanishes, The - 1942
    A mad doctor steals fluids from young virgins to inject into his aging wife to keep her young  [63 min, B&W, UR]
  • Daughter of Horror (Dementia) - 1955
    After waking up in a strange bed, a women experiences life in skid row [55min, B&W, UR]
  • Deep Red - 1975
    A music teacher witnesses a murder of a psychic and feels compelled to find the killer  [100min, Color, R]
  • Dementia 13 - 1963
    An ax wielding maniac hunts a family in an old Irish castle  [75min, B&W, UR]
  • Devil Times Five - 1974
    Five psychopathic children are taken in by an unsuspecting family  [88min, Color, UR]
  • Die Sister, Die! - 1972
    A brother hires a nurse for his sickly sister which eventually becomes a plan for murder  [84min, Color, PG]
  • Don't Look In The Basement (The Forgotten) - 1973
    A psychiatric nurse discovers the secrets of her new patients in a small institution [88 min, Color, R]
  • Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde - 1920
    A scientist participates in his own experiment and becomes the evil Mr. Hyde  [82min, B&W, UR]
  • Driller Killer, The - 1979
    An artist descends into madness and begins to murder to deal with his sickness [92min, Color, UR]
  • Drive-In Massacre - 1977
    People begin dying at a drive in theater and two police try to solve the mystery  [74min, Color, R]
  • Embryo - 1976
    A scientist creates a female companion and must find a live human fetus to sustain her [104min, Color, PG]
  • Eternal Evil (The Blue Man) - 1985
    A man learns how to astrally project himself with deadly consequences [84min, Color, R]
  • Frankenstein (Edison) - 1910
    A scientist tries to create a flawless human being but accidentally builds a monster  [13min, B&W, UR]
  • Grave of the Vampire - 1974
    After being attacked by a vampire, a woman gives birth to his blood seeking child [90min, Color, PG]
  • Horror Express - 1973
    A scientist discovers a frozen monster who thaws out and goes on a murderous rampage [87min, Color, R]
  • House of Haunted Hill - 1959
    Guests to a haunted house party soon discover that the hauntings are real [75min, B&W, UR]
  • King of the Zombies - 1941
    A group lands their plane on an island where they encounter Voodoo and zombies! [67min, B&W, UR]
  • Lady Frankenstein - 1971
    Dr Frankenstein's daughter follows in her fathers footsteps after his death [84 min, Color, R]
  • Manos: The Hands of Fate - 1966
    A family is trapped by The Master, who leads an evil and satanic cult  [69min, Color, UR]
  • Messiah of Evil - 1973
    A small town is attacked by a group of blood thirsty zombies  [90min, Color, R]
  • Night of the Blood Beast - 1958
    An astronaut returns to earth dead with an alien living inside his body  [62 min, B&W, UR]
  • Night of the Living Dead - 1968
    A group of people must survive in an old farm house during a zombie attack   [99min, B&W, UR]
  • Night Fright (Extra Terrestrial Nastie) - 1967
    The government accidentally makes a animal monster who goes on a killing spree [76min, Color, UR]
  • Nosferatu - 1922
    A vampire becomes obsessed with the wife of a local man with unfortunate consequences  [84min, B&W, UR]
  • Sadist, The - 1963
    A psychopath and his girlfriend capture three teachers on their way to a baseball game  [91min, B&W, UR]
  • Satan's School for Girls - 1973
    A women travels to her dead sister's school only to find a secret satanic cult  [74min, Color, UR]
  • Screaming Skull - 1958
    A newly wed couple are plagued by an evil skull [63min, B&W, UR]
  • Silent Night, Bloody Night- 1974
    An newcomer inherits a old mansion... as well as an odd town and crazy maniac!  [85min, Color, UR]
  • Sisters of Death - 1977
    After a deadly hazing incident, the left over members are tormented years later  [87min, Color, PG]
  • Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street - 1939
    A murderous barber gets rich from his victims but has his eye on a female prize  [67min, B&W, UR]
  • Terror, The - 1963
    A French soldier is plagued by visions of a witch and must discover why [79min, Color, UR]
  • Vampire Bat, The - 1933
    After a series of vampire attacks, a town hunts down the man they think is responsible  [60min, B&W, UR]
  • Vengeance of the Zombies - 1973
    In England, a man murders innocent people who are brought back to life as zombies  [87min, Color, UR]
  • Werewolf in a Girls Dormitory - 1962
    After deaths occur which seem to be by an animal, a new teacher on campus is suspected  [83min, B&W, UR]
  • White Zombie - 1932
    A man must defeat an evil zombie master and his zombie henchmen in order to save his love [67 min, B&W, UR]

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