• Shame (The Intruder) - 1962


Shame (originally The Intruder in the US and internationally, and The Strange in the UK) is a film made in 1962 and directed by Roger Corman.  The movie stars William Shatner as a racist man named Adam Cramer who is a charming and manipulative individual with a political agenda.  Cramer arrives by bus to a small southern town and attempts to turn the racist tendencies and ideals of many of the town’s folk into violence.  The film is an intriguing look at people's views and attitudes on racism during this time period.  The plot and character interactions are less straightforward than many other films of this era.  This particular film does not leave you feeling good or bad, but rather provokes thoughts involving serious social issues of the day.  This film had a controversial reception and for a long time was the only Roger Corman film to lose any money.  Take some time and see what all the fuss was about; view this film today!


William Shatner
Beverly Lunsford
Robert Emhardt
Charles Beaumont
Frank Maxwell
Jeanne Cooper