• Get Christie Love! - 1974


Get Christie Love! is a made for TV movie, released in 1974, about a female, African American, New York City detective who is sent on an undercover mission to obtain a ledger belonging to a drug lord.  Staring Teresa Graves as Christie Love, the film pulls inspiration from blaxploitation films with other strong female roles.  The movie's heroin is well portrayed as a sassy, street smart, skilled fighter as well as a caring and sympathetic individual.  Plenty of action, cheesy one-liners, and corny 70’s music are well dispersed throughout the film, adding to its retro appeal.  The film was well received and even spawned a short-lived TV series and pop culture references about this film are still made today.  The film is an overall enjoyable experience and provides a fun look back on an entertaining genre from a time in our past.


Debbie Dozier     
Teresa Graves     
Harry Guardino     
Andy Romano     
Louise Sorel     
Paul Stevens