• drama/mystery films

  • 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea - 1916
    Captain Nemo and other discover magic undersea world [99min, B&W, UR]
  • 39 Steps, The - 1935
    A man follows a secret map while being hunted for a crime he didn't commit  [83min, B&W, UR]
  • A Farewell to Arms - 1932
    A lieutenant and a nurse help each other survive the war [78min, B&W, UR]
  • A Star Is Born - 1937
    A rising Hollywood star must choose between her love and her career [111min, Color, UR]
  • Algiers - 1938
    In the Casbah, a young woman falls for a mysterious jewel thief  [99min, B&W, UR]
  • Alice in Wonderland - 1903
    Alice falls down the rabbit hole and must fight the evil queen of hearts [8min, B&W, UR]
  • Bat, The - 1926
    A money seeking murderer prays on a house full of unsuspecting victims [85min, B&W, UR]
  • Bat, The - 1959
    A masked criminal named "The Bat" terrorizes a house full of guests [80min, B&W, UR]
  • Boy in the Plastic Bubble - 1976
    A boy with a defective immune system must live in a sterile environment [93min, Color, PG]
  • Fast and the Furious, The - 1955
    A wrongly accused man breaks out of prison and runs from the police  [72min, B&W, UR]
  • Five Minutes To Live - 1961
    A man abducts a bank presidents wife as a hostage before a robbery  [74min, B&W, UR]
  • Get Christie Love! - 1974
    A police woman goes undercover to retrieve a ledger from a drug lord [65 min, B&W, UR]
  • Hitch Hiker, The - 1953
    An artist finds fame after using secretly dead animals in his art [73min, Color, UR]
  • Jail Bait - 1954
    A notorious gangster undergoes plastic surgery to avoid police capture [71min, B&W, UR]
  • Reefer Madness - 1936
    An marijuana exploitation film which highlights the drug's dangers [68min, B&W, UR]
  • Shame (The Intruder) - 1962
    A man attempts to incite a race war in a small american town [82min, B&W, UR]
  • Suddenly - 1954
    A hired assassin takes over a family's home with a plan to kill the president [75min, B&W, UR]
  • Terror By Night - 1946
    Sherlock Holmes must capture a diamond thief on a speeding train [58min, B&W, UR]
  • Two Women - 1960
    A mother tries to protect her daughter from the horrors of war [100min, B&W, UR]

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