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• Little Shop of Horrors - 1960


Little Shop of Horrors is a 1960 comedy as well as one of Roger Corman’s most celebrated early films.  The story follows Seymour, a bumbling flower shop worker, whose blunders on the job earn him a pink slip, but not before he takes his most recent plant hybrid with him.  Seymour’s plant, named Audrey Jr., slowly learns to talk and has an insatiable desire for human flesh!  The more the plant eats, the larger it grows, and the bigger Seymour’s problems become.This comedy features an early career Jack Nicholson as well as a variety or other talented actors of the time.  The film’s success was initially slow, but gained momentum as word of the wacky movie about the “man-eating plant” moved from person to person through gossip.  Now there is a 1986 remake, a 1982 stage musical, and a potential modern remake on the horizon.  Check out this classic comedy film; you will not be disappointed!


Jonathan Haze
Jackie Joseph
Mel Welles
Dick Miller
Jack Nicholson