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• A Bucket of Blood - 1959


Roger Corman’s first attempt at the horror/comedy genre was in 1959 with A Bucket of Blood.  The film was directed by Corman and written by Charles B Griffith.  This would not be their only collaboration as the pair was also responsible for the original Little Shop of Horrors film from 1960.  A Bucket of Blood starts off with a reading by a poet that inspires busboy Walter Paisley, played by Dick Miller, to try his hand at sculpting the face of a hostess at the café where he works.  He fails, accidentally murders a cat in the process, and ends up using the dead animal to create a sculpture instead.  After the success of this work, more deaths occur.  Although entertaining on its own, the film also provides an interesting look into the popular beatnik scene taking place during the time in which it was shot, and pokes fun at the artsy culture.  If you are looking for a quick laugh (the film is just over an hour), consider giving this dark and goofy horror comedy a viewing.


Dick Miller
Bert Convy
Ed Nelson