• Street Fighter, The - 1974

RATED: RESTRICTED (Rated X or NC-17 in some parts of the world)

The Ja
panese film, The Street Fighter, was released in 1974 and became an early commercial success in the United States for New Line Cinema.  The film stars a martial artist mercenary named Takuma Tsurugi, played by Sonny Chiba, and is a fast paced, action filled ride.  It starts off with Takuma disguised as a priest speaking to a condemned killer in his jail cell.  The two engage in a battle, Takuma reveling himself for the martial arts expert he is, and the film continues at this pace from there.  There was controversy surrounding the film in the US and it was the first to receive an X-rating, solely for violence.  The film was later edited down to an R rated version for the US market.  Controversial and action packed, this film is absolutely worth your attention.  Take some time and see what all the fuss was about; you will not be disappointed!


Sonny Chiba
Goichi Yamada
Yutaka Nakajima