• Hollywood Man - 1976


Hollywood man is a 1976 film that stars William Smith (Grave of the Vampire, Invasion of the Bee Girls) as Hollywood action star Rafe Stoker.  Stoker finds himself in desperate financial times when trying to get a movie project off the ground.  His problems are solved when acquaintances from the mob underworld agree to fund the film (with high collateral, of course).  Unbeknownst to him, the mob has hired a gang of bikers to make sure the film will never be completed!  This film is a rare grindhouse gem.  Quentin Tarantino loved the film so much he included a screening of it during his 1997 Texas Film Festival!


William Smith
Don Stroud
Clay Tanner
Mary Woronov
Jennifer Billingsley
Jude Farese
Ray Girardin
Tom Simcox